Extend the service life of your equipment by having Specialty Machine Works repair or rebuild your existing equipment! Budget constraints and high cost of materials don’t always allow for new fabrication. Repair is a cost effective alternative.

Specialty Machine Works can inspect and test your equipment and provide a written comprehensive repair plan that outlines necessary repairs. Our repair plans or scopes of work consist of cleaning or blasting the equipment, visually and dimensionally inspecting all components, welds, and gasket sealing surfaces for conformance to the customer drawings and specifications. Also performing any necessary NDE from the below list which would help gather the results of a thorough integrity assessment. All standard code repairs will be at minimum hydro tested.

Current Testing:

  • Hydro Testing
  • RT (X-Ray)
  • PT (Liquid Penetrant)
  • MT (Magnetic Particle)
  • WFMT (Wet Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Examination)
  • UT (Ultrasonic Testing) for both thickness and flaw detection
  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)
  • Brinell Hardness Examination
  • Eddy Current Testing

Also provide post weld heat treat (PWHT) / Stress Relieve

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Specialty Machine Works is a custom fabrication and engineering company located in Gulfport, MS.

12511 Glascock Drive, Gulfport, MS 39503

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